12 Head Manual Belt Weigher

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12 Head Manual Belt Weigher OTHER MACHINE / EQUIPMENT 12 Head Manual Belt Weigher OTHER MACHINE / EQUIPMENT 12 Head Manual Belt Weigher OTHER MACHINE / EQUIPMENT

2nd G 12 Head Manual Belt Weigher

- Mechanical Character -
• Double row linear layout, easy to operate by workshop staff.
• Belt - type open weighing tray design structure can effectively solve the feeding of sticky or bulky materials with poor fluidity.
• Visualize LED signal light, clear the feeding direction and feeding area, and effectively identify the current status of the corresponding tray.
• Easy detachable conveyor belt, easy to clean.
• HMI interface to facilitate self-learning and exchange of information.

- Features -
• Using high-precision, high standard special load cell.

• Modular circuit board realizes intelligent multi-sampling stable mode, and the weighing is more accurate.
• Intelligent fault alarm, convenient maintenance.
• Concentrated discharge mode to ensure the relative concentration of materials and improve the running speed of the machine.
• Intelligently customize the number of weighing trays to achieve double standards of weighing and counting.

Model EM-JW-A12 EM-JW-A14
Identity Code A12-2-5 A14-2-5
Weighing Range 10-6000g 10-6000g
MAX. Speed 30P/M 25P/M
Weighing Belt Dimension 300(L) x 180(W) 300(L) x 180(W)
Control Panel 10.1'' Touch Screen 910.1'' Touch Screen
Driving System Step Motor Step Motor
Power Requirement 220V / 800W / 50 / 60Hz / 3.6A 220V / 800W / 50 / 60Hz / 3.6A
Packing Dimension (mm) 2200(L) x 1200(W) x 1160(H) 2560(L) x 1200(W) x 1160(H)
Gross Weight 370kg 450kg

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